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It is that time again for yet another thought to be written before my brain goes nuts here. KM is vacuuming this morning and was vacuuming down the hallway I am in bumping my door as she vacuums. I hate that when she does that but she does have to vacuum her best I guess. She is so happy to be getting out of this place as she says this place is crappy and all the tenants here are all idiots. All of us are insults, huh? That is a BIG laugh. She is the idiot. How dare she be judgmental about all of us. What a bitch she is. Anyway, with her hitting my door with the vacuum made my shower gal D think how rude people can be around here. I am now glad that KM is gone from this hallway. I really dislike her right now.

Today I have already been on Facebook checking things out and found a friend of mine has posted that his wife passed away last night between 11 and 1130 pm after a very long battle from illness and she had been home with her husband and kids for a couple of years. My heart goes out to my friend and his family always and forever. My friend’s wife was my payee at one time several years ago when I was a client at United Cerebral Palsy Apartment Living Program which is now Independent Disabilities Services and I have not had a payee since the beginning of 1998 when my mother took the time to teach and train me to handle my own finances. I am now my own payee and no I do not lend out my money to anyone because I know there are a lot of kooks out there today. I manage my money well. Anyway my friend who had lost his wife last night is in my thoughts and prayers always and forever. I hope I can get to the funeral services when they are set up. I want to go. I may not be able to go either.

More later… Gotta run for now.

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