The After Affects Of the Post

I am not pissed or even worried about what has conspired over the weekend between me and the person who posted the post on Facebook that I felt would be controversial. I am not even upset or wondering what ever happened to the gentleman anymore. He has, as of today, decided to delete and block me from Facebook. My ex-boyfriend SLS and I have been in contact about the post posted on Facebook at one of the pages, and he has been very helpful and understanding, and protecting me in the process so I did not get hurt more. My ex-boyfriend took it upon himself to write the idiot a message on facebook and he had, my ex-boyfriend, gotten a response that was expected to be kind of nasty and filled with bitterness. SLS shared the response from BW and I saw that BW did not care who he hurt in the process of the post he had posted. BW has been a very bitter man since we. BW, SLS, and I graduated from high school and did our best to move on. Apparently, becoming friends with BW on Facebook was a terrible mistake on my part because I have noticed that most of his posts were inappropriate about homself and others. He shares his political views with others bashing the Republicans when he states he is a Democrat, and brings on trouble with his views being public on Facebook. I just realized that BW is a very bitter man for several reasons and that bitterness is going to end up losing more friends on his end. He is one man I believe needs help and other people need to stay away from. He is an idiot by nature.

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