Now I Believe I Am Back On Track, LOL

I am not totally sure at this point but I do believe I am back on track on what day it is and now with Monday and Tuesday gone, and the three day weekend behind me, I can move on through the rest of the week working whatever days I will be working, enjoying my time reading and writing, snuggling, cuddling, and loving my Bing Crosby kitty, and enjoying my life that God gave me. Today I have to go into work but I do not have to leave until 1130 am this morning in order to be there by 1230 pm this afternoon. No early day for me today. Yesterday I stapled packets together – applications and DVR applications together and filled out my application for work and filled out a DVR packet for JD who is one of my bosses. After that, I did my best at downloading a program on the computer that I am going to be using for work but it did not seem to work so I did not get the program downloaded as I had hoped for my boss BV. Yes, I have two bosses. My bosses are partners in the business I am working for – IDC Creations. After that, I filled out a time card sheet for JD and got my hours printed to put in a file – a file that has yet to have my name, lol. I was having trouble finding my file and I was beginning to wonder if JD had my file made yet, lol. I ended up putting my printed out time sheet and two time cards on her desk for her to take care of it later in the day after I left. I worked from 1030 am and had lunch at 1130 to 12 noon, and worked yet for another 1/2 hour before leaving for the day. I worked for an 1 1/2 today. Today was a very good day all day long – for the most part anyway.

More later…

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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