Good Morning

Good morning! I have been up since 615 am this morning thinking it was 645 am right away, lol. I decided not to go back to sleep or take a short cat nap til 7 am this morning. I will just go to bed early tonight, then…maybe. I do not have to work today or tomorrow. Today, not sure what my day will bring after my shower gal leaves at 915 am but that is okay. I have begun reading the Little House On The Prairie series written by Laura Ingalls Wilder last week and finished reading Little House in the Big Woods and now I have read 4 chapters of Little House on the Prairie book. I actually read a chapter or two out loud yesterday while Bing and I had our snuggle/cuddle time after I got settled after returning home from work yesterday afternoon at 215 pm. I know it is silly to read out loud to a cat but he was listening and looking at the pictures, and holding the book with me with his right paw. It was way too cute and adorable. What a cat! Today I do not have to work and this is going to be my day – not quite a “me day” but a day of reading, writing, and watching recorded and Live TV. All night long last night I was either watching or listening to the news and weather while during my wakeful moments of running to the bathroom and moments of wakefulness because of weird dreams. Yes, I had weird dreams last night. No big deal really…they were not nightmares or scary at all…just really weird.


I have to run for now and I will be back later some time after my shower and I get comfortable. Good bye for now but not forever.

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