Early Good Morning And Thoughts Already…some venting Yet

It is before 7 am now and I have been up a little before 6 am this morning so it is another early morning for me and that is okay. No big deal. I have a busy morning but sometime 12 noon I have the rest of the afternoon and weekend free and it is going to be yet another CSE-free weekend for me. I am still mad at her for what happened yesterday. She needs to start getting her life straightened out now. She is very sick and she is denying she is ill. I wish there was an intervention where she is forced to get help or she will lose her friends but the TV show Intervention is not going to help her many problems because they are not drug related that I know of at this point. CSE has separation anxiety issues from her cat and needs to check in him every 2 to 3 hrs when she visits, she is forgetful about things, she has problems with sleep and sleeps too much. She has sleep apnea symptoms and will not get it checked out because she says she has done so in the past and they won’t do anything about it. I find that to be a lie at this point. She lies to me and NMS all the time and won’t talk to either one of us when it comes to questions. I still remember that outburst a few months ago about Christians and the non-existence of God that set me off to have her leave my apartment. NMS can not get anything out of CSE about why she feels the way she does. I am sick and tired of her/CSE being late every day she comes to my place. I had to put a stop to it last night finally and after she tried to come to my apartment I told her to please leave as I mumbled under my breath that she does not listen or read her texts that I send her. She is so very stubborn and I will not allow her stubbornness in my home anymore. I am going to change my password on my modem so she will have to get her own Internet provider for her own place. She has lost her chance yesterday to use my modem after the stunt she pulled on me. Texting me 5 mins before coming down to tell me she is just sitting down to eat and asked if she can be down at 530 pm instead does not wash with me. I hate that about CSE. She is NOT the same CSE I met 13 yrs ago anymore. Even her changing her name does not make me very happy either. Her doing that has bothered me ever since because it does not wash away her past that that was so rough and now, her doing, her family does not communicate like they once did before she changed her name. I do not feel sorry for her about that part because I have had no
contact with my PA family since Thanksgiving 2008 and it is their plan to disown me, my AR, NM, and KS family. My PA family chose to have no communicate because the wife is a control freak. I have no idea how my brother tilt feels because wife is the control man/bitch.


I am done with CSE for now and I will not have any contact with her at all this weekend. I don’t mean to be mean about it but I will not answer any of her texts or calls. They will be ignored and erased, and all calls, if any, will go to voicemail or answering machine this weekend. I want to be left alone by CSE. I want her to know I am mad at her and sit and think about her attitude she has been having lately. I am going to limit her from looking at my Facebook page for a while too. She has been very unsympathetic lately. I have shed tears a lot lately.

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