Good Bye For Now MDB

Last Wednesday, August 31st, someone I knew for a very long time had passed away and today was the visitation and Life Eternal Service. I went to it and saw the family and many other friends to say good bye to MDB. Actually it was not really a good bye but a day to sit among others to remember such a fine woman MDB was to so many wonderful people. MDB was my payee when I was a client/consumer of UCP now known as IDS for a while and I have also got to know her a little bit personally but because I was a client/consumer of UCP at the time getting to know her more personally was difficult. We did, MDB and have gone to the movies, had lunch out, ran errands together, and I have been to CB’s and MDB’s house a few times before they got married and had children. Their children were, I believe, were adopted and MDB and her husband CB are wonderful parents to their two children…one girl and one boy….and SB. The boy is 14 and the girl is 9. Lovely children. Remembering MDB as my payee is one thing I will never forget. With all the payees I had I do have to admit MDB was one I did not want to depart from because we were closer in age, she was easy to talk to, and someone I could feel safe with…along with CB. I was not able to go to MDB’s and CB’s wedding but I had learned that the wedding was lovely and beautiful. I was told that, at the time, of the wedding, clients/consumers were not allowed to be invited to the wedding but to be very honest I am not too sure what really was the truth. Anyway… I have to say good bye to MDB for now and I also have to admit that shf is going to be missed by me and many others.

Good bye for now MDB … Til we meet again ….

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