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Here we go again. I am still counting the days yet to the very day KM will move out of this building and I will do a happy dance that one of the troublemakers will be gone out of this building. Other tenants can not wait either, lol. Those who have had troubles with KM are very happy that she is moving out of here and this time for good and not coming back. KM can be so mean and nasty to others without remorse whatsoever. Yesterday when I left for work I heard the vacuum cleaner running and saw the cleaning supplies on a cart in the lobby and thought that KM was cleaning but I found a different person doing the cleaning. KM must of quit her job when she turned in her notice because the manager would not let her keep her job after she moves. The manager was not sure if KM’s presence here three days a week would bring good results. I am not sure if KM really quit her job or not because I have not talked to her. The last time I saw her was on Monday when she came down with a jacket she let me have because she did not want it anymore – my favorite kitty/cat jacket for cooler weather during the Fall and early Spring months. That was the last time I saw her – on Labor Day. If she did quit her job…good! Oh well…her loss since she moving out again because she is not happy living here anymore, not happy about this place, or happy with any of the tenants except for a couple – me and BB. She can not wait to chuck this place and leave it in her past. I cannot wait for her to leave this place, either. One less troublemaker around once again.

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