The Need To Vent – I Am Done Playing the Time Game

I got a text from CSE over an hour ago asking if 5 pm to come down would be okay. I told her that it was fine and do not be late please. I got a text 5 mins before she was expected to be here that she is just sitting down to eat supper and asked if 530 pm would be okay. I wrote her that she said 5 pm and now 530 pm…I will get help from someone else tomorrow. I am done playing the time game with her and sick and tired of CSE always running late and not watching the time more carefully. I hope she does not come down at 530 pm now, either. I am going to go lock my door and if she does come down later, I will NOT answer the door. I will continue to watch TV, play my games on Facebook, read, and not answer the door if she comes down. I am finished/done playing CSE’s games and if she goes and talks to NMS about it, I hope NMS sets CSE straight that I have had lost my patience with CSE about a lot of things. I am no longer going to allow CSE to play her late games anymore and I will continue to put foot down to her until she opens her own eyes and sees why I am so hard on her lately. I HOPE SHE DOES NOT COME DOWN! I AM MAD AT HER AGAIN! Why am I friends with CSE if she continues her problems. I will delete and block her from my Facebook page real soon if she continues to make me mad and impatient sounding. I know NMS asks me to be patient with CSE but I do not believe NMS sees everything I have seen in CSE lately. CSE is ill and needs help. Maybe another negative friend needs to go. SHE SHOULD NOT HAVE MOVED BACK INTO THE BUILDING! DANG!

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