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A Hello From Me…

Hello from me in good ol’ Wisconsin. It is kind of chilly out this morning so I am snug as a bug in the warmth of my apartment with Bing very close and keeping my lap toasty warm. No oscillating fans running right now. I am thinking of opening my windows for a while yet today but it is only 56 degrees out right now so at the moment I am not going to open the windows…maybe not today after all…maybe still will do that but not sure. I even finished reading “On the Banks Of Plum Creek” reading the last 3 chapters out loud to Bing Crosby the kitty. He LOVES t when I read out loud to him …. seriously ….

A New Day, A New Month…

Ahhh, October 1st has arrived and a new day has begun… at 730 am once again this morning but that is ok. I got up, yes, but this morning, a Saturday, I laid on the futon and watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and three episodes of Phineas and Ferb, Fish Hooks, and A.N.T Farm with Chyna Ann McClain. Love my Saturday morning. I even ate a small breakfast — a breakfast bar — yum! Bing Crosby kitty is laying on my lap so having my laptop is not happening right now so I am using my IPod at this time… whew… and that is fine with me.

Plans For Today??

I have no major plans for today at all. I am totally surprised that CSE has not cone don yet to get the key to go check on CD’s kitty Oreo yet. I don’t really want her down here at all anyway …. not this weekend or any day of the future. I still hold still to my plan of not welcoming CSE into my home again. Our friendship is over as of yeaterday for good this time until she stops denying she needs professional help for her problems. I still feel that her change of name was stupid and not necessary and downright crazy. I see her past caching up with her and I don’t want to be a part of her past or present anymore until further notice. I am sick of CSE!!!

Life In General…

I know I keep talking and repeating myself about CSE but my world did evolve around me that long …. I am going to block her cell number on my cell today so she will have to call my land line from now in if she really wants to talk to me… I am done with her as of last night. She will no longer be coming down unless she is invited. My world no longer evolves around CSE or one another. She has her own darn friends. My life all be free of negativity now with CSE gone out of it.

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