One More and Final Thought

I forgot to talk about something… aarrgg!!! Anyway…here it goes…

With October coming, this is the month of Halloween, trick and treating for the kids, and the holiday parties begin before Christmas – Thanksgiving plans on many minds. Anyway… Halloween is on my mind but it is not anything good in my way of thinking. I remember having fun dressing up in a costume of some kind and going door to door in the country and in the city here in Janesville, but the joy of Halloween no longer exists but in memory of my past enjoyment. Today I do not see the meaning of Halloween anymore knowing what Halloween and Hallow’s Eve is really all about religiously. It does not seem the same anymore anyway with the fact that kids have to go out trick and treating door to door when it still daylight out and be done within two hours whereas when I was younger, we would be out even after dark for more than two hours. So many dangers out there today with strange and wacky people wanting to harm people and animals during the Halloween evenings. AARRGG!!! I am so glad I do not have any kids myself or having to explain why they would not go out trick and treating like other kids. I enjoy my life without kids even though having my own children did exist at one time or another. Watching kids go trick and treating today is no fun and where I live, door to door trick and treaters are not allowed in the building so that there is peace in the building during that time anyway.

Even though my beliefs and understanding of Halloween is only opinion – one opinion anyway – I still understand other people when it comes to differences and changes about Halloween. I will NEVER put my beliefs and understanding of Halloween or any other kind of celebration onto other people because religion, sex, and politics are 3 subjects to talk about with other people is so diverse and everyone believes differently…that’s okay and fine by me. I just will no longer celebrate the Halloween day with anyone. It no longer feels right in my heart and mind, spiritually, to celebrate such a day as Halloween anymore.

With that said and my final thought is out in the open, I can say good night and God bless and definitely come back tomorrow sometime. Good night!

Ahhhh, Kate is no longer living here in this building! Yay! She is goone for good. Good bye Kate! I hope you are happy in your new place and do have a good life. I will not see you anymore!! Another yay!!! Bye for now.

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