Remembering Grandma

If my Grandma — my mom’s mother — was still alive today she would be 92 years old. She passed away 14 years ago to CHF — Congestive Heart Failure at our local hospital Mercy Hospital. She was one fine, lovely woman in my time. I may have only known her for 27 years of my life but those 27 years were wonderful. The only time I felt bad for Grandma was when she broke her back — a little guilty in fact because we wanted Grandpa to put the speed up on the boat we were riding that Sunday afternoon after church — we were going to go swimming on that warm day — she bike her back. My friend JS was with me that summer on the lake where we had our cottage for a visit. Both JS and I felt guilty about it for a while. Grandma never blamed us girls for wanting the boat to go very fast as we cried and cried about it for a while. She was all for the fun too. We did not go swimming that day. A day or two later JS’s parents came by for a visit and we girls went home that day with her parents until my dad called and invited me to be at his place. JS’s and my visit to the cottage was short-lived but it surely would háve been not so fun. When JS and I got to her place — her parents home we had more fun even though we felt bad for Grandma. I still feel bad about it after all these years and wonder what we could have done differently since the 80’s when the incident happened. My world did not rock that faithful day. It stopped time for a while — it seemed. That is the only not so good memory I have of my Grandma.

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