That Feeling

I do have to admit that my world is not always a ripen bowl of cherries. There are some rotten cherries in the mix as well – my life is not perfect by any means. I have my issues I need to work on with a counselor, a family doctor, and friends and I have all three in place. I have a counselor I can trust, a family doctor and her nurses I can trust as well, and friends who I can trust all in place. I am not alone even though there are days yet I still feel all alone. But that is not what I am really getting at this time around to be very honest. The title – “That Feeling” is a true feeling I have right now – this minute – this evening…rings harsh in my ears and thoughts and will not leave me alone…right now. Oh boy!!!!

BW has called me for the second time this week now and I have not answered the phone. I wish he would not call me at all after what he pulled several weeks ago online on Facebook posting about my 2nd cousin/high school principal. BW aired his dirty laundry on a public forum for the whole world to read and see – true or not – and the incident happened between 20 – 25 years ago now. True or not it really pissed me off. I have vowed to delete and block him right then but things happened so quickly along the way. Seeing him at a funeral luncheon was not a fine cup of tea either to be very honest but because we were in a public place, I was kind and civil to BW. Now, a month or so later after the funeral luncheon BW is calling me? That raises unwanted questions and no I will not answer the phone to the number going across my caller ID. This man, BW, is one man to stay away from and every woman should fear him. He is a sex manic, a jerk, and definitely a downright rude idiot. He has said so many inappropriate things on line – airing his dirty laundry along with those he has a beef with online facebook, and is so mean to a person right to his face or in messages on facebook. I have that feeling that he has pushed away many people. He can not be trusted.

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