My World Today

What can I say? I can say a lot but I won’t tonight because it is getting late. I do not have to get up early tomorrow because I will not be going grocery shopping until 130 pm instead of 8 am. My worker JP could not be here at all this week because she has fallen ill with stomach pain. So all this week I have had a substitute instead of JP this week. I feel bad for her. I am praying for her, too. She is waiting for test results to find out what is going on in her world at this time. I hope nothing is seriously wrong with her.

My Day

I had my shower this morning after the nurse left. It was a quick shower this morning because the nurse came by. My shower gal DB is off work for a while because she had hernia surgery on Tuesday. So because DB is not here on Tuesday – Thursday mornings, I have a substitute shower gal coming in her place until DB comes back to work. So my showers are kind of off schedule for a while once again.

After my shower I took the rest of my morning to watch TV until 230 pm when I had company over until 930 pm.

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