A Strangeness

I am not totally sure what to title today’s entry but maybe the title is good enough.

I remember the day, but not the date anymore now, when a high school colleage of mine had posted that my 2nd cousin/principal of high school had an affair with one of the teachers at the high school really bringing up nerves with people — other colleages from high school — as well as myself. This high school colleage of mine just has a grudge against the principal at the time we were in high school is what it really turns out to be now. Anyway… the incident had brought up the idea of this high school colleqge getting all upset and deleting me and another friend of mine from his Facebook page and blocking us as well. He even stated that he had better friends and that he did not need us two friends in his life at all. I found this statement rather dumb and crazy but yet I did not get mad or pissed. I believe, at that time, I was beyond pissed and planning on deleting and blocking the high school colleague anyway. His political views, attitude about sex and the fact he has erectile dysfunction has put him into a state of mental health issues — the belief comes onto mind that’s why he has become a bitter man after high school. Sorry for the exactness and grossness ladies and gentlemen.. Anyway … I ran into this high school colleage at a funeral luncheon in October when a forner representative payee of UCP that is now IDS had passed away. I was among three other people at the table I was sitting at and at the other end there was the high school colleage and his father. I did not like the idea but I knew I was safe. I just did want him near me. He did take the time to talk to me civilly since we were in a public place and I, too, was civil to him even though I could care Jess about his life and family anymore — even though I feel bad that he had just lost his mother to heart attack this summer. That’s it though. CI don’t want want anyone to lose a loved one whatsoever. Anyway… there’s more!!

This week this high school colleague has tried to call my house phone three times now. I recognizing the number I did not pick up the ringing phone — muted the phone actually so the ring of the phone would not be heard. I wish not to ever speak to this gentleman ever again unless we run into one other in a place that is public. He is one man who should be feared by others — women when it comes to his sexuality and erectile dysfunction problem. Sorry again ladies and gentlemen. Vi am speaking the truth here, though.. I fear him at some level but I know I am safe where I live and with others. I don’t trust this man when alone. No one should.

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