I Woke Ip Thinking About Certain People AGAIN!!!

For some reason the fact that I been thinking about certain people — those Garden Court tenants who are now former friends of mine AGAIN!! Ever since I ran into KFW, her husband JW, and KWE had really been a shock at the time but I think it rattled me more than I had really had thought. I woke thinking that running into them was the biggest mistake of my life that day. The look on KFW’s face reminded me of something that I want to forget — ever knowing her or meeting her in high school and again in college. Seeing KWE — married now or not — reminding me of a now gone friendshIp I ever had with MEE. I wish I never met him now after 13 years. KWE and MEE really do deserve one another — mentally I’ll as they both are today. MEE became a very scary person in the past few months of our relationship and it changed my perspective of him and his family. MEE is out of my life for good. Don’t trust him anymore. So running into those Garden Court people brought up some feelings of my past big time. I don’t like those people!!! AARRGG! I have a feeling — sickening me big time — that those Garden Court people are up to no good again …. especially after someone calls me between 11 pm – 3 am in the morning leaving nasty messages — childish and very rude indeed.

More later.

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