A Birthday To Forget

I had a brother – not anymore – still alive but no communication whatsoever. Today is his birthday. This is one day I wish I could forget but certain days and dates come flooding into my world now and then and today happens to be my brother’s birthday – a brother who is dead to me. I wish I had communication with my brother but he chooses not to have any contact. Why do I think of my PA family? Dang! I want them out of my life for good but days and dates are bringing memories up and out and this is one month. Oh, snap! Next month is his wife’s birthday and it is on the 26th – I think anyway. I do not remember anymore. AARRGG! I guess, since there is no communication with my PA family anymore maybe it is a good idea that I am beginning to forget when his wife’s birthday is. She is definitely dead to me anyway and so isn’t my brother and their kids. They are dead even though remembering birthdays and anniversaries occur here in my world. AARRGG!!

Author: ksmiley

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