After Telling CSE Off

I know my reaction to hang up on CSE after I got done speaking my mind was not really what should have happened but I had lost my patience with CSE for the hundredth time now and what our relationship is is not the same anymore. We both have changed and I believe that our worlds do not see eye to eye now – practically all the time now. Her world evolves around a cat who does not behave, take to discipline, or act like a cat normally acts. CSE’s attitude toward her cat is what makes her cat what he is today – a separation issue – not allowing the cat to be a cat. The moment a cat chews up electrical cords and brings havoc to my place, a new home would be where the cat would go and CSE has said to me more than once if she was going to keep her cat or give him away to someone else – something she needs to do. A couple of tenants have said to me that CSE has been heard yelling at her cat so I know the cat is not behaving like my cat behaves all the time. Yes Bing acts out once in a great while and does not listen but most of the time he does and he is well behaved. He is not like CSE’s cat at all – opposites is what I see for sure like my 1st cat Emilee and Bing are total opposites.


I talked to NMS and my friend EE about what happened tonight and honestly, and I also told my close BFF JSL about it. I did get the reception I did not expect from JSL but I able to tell NMS and EE all about it without a problem with them understanding what has been going on without hearing CSE’s side of it – she is not open like she used to be anymore and something NMS does not understand because CSE does not want to talk to her about what is going on in her life – acts out that her business is being pried open and gets hostile about it. I wish I knew what happened in CSE’s life so I can better understand but if she does not allow me to understand then I am at a total loss. In other words I feel I open up to her and I get a reception of talking to a wall and not a person. It is very scary!!!!

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