A Decision Made and Done

I wrote an email to CSE Friday but have not heard back from her yet and I probably will not either. I probably won’t hear from her at all, either. Even though my way of handling things on October 19th was not handled properly, i feel I did spill out the truth the way I see it and have expressed my feelings, and it had to be done before I got into anything deeper into a world that does feel so far apart. CSE’s world is so different from my world now and with two different worlds meshed together does not work together anymore. I will not hav her here anymore, talk to her on the phone, text her, but I will be civil to her in public like I will with BW, and live Myles without her in my world from this day forward. She will no longer be helping me in my home or here. I will be changing my password on my modem soon too but will have to wait a little bt for that though. No one is going to use my internet anymore except me from now on – period. Today I took CSE off my Facebook list of friends and blocked her for good this time. I had to do it for my emotional welfare. I can not be bouncing back and forth like this anymore.

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