A Late Night

It is past midnight here and I am going to go to sleep soon. I am having another late night but that is okay. The only problem about my late night and having to get up early is the fact that I have to get up early on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays to take care of things in my world – cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, showers, and other things that have been planned if any. My social life is low right now but that will change soon. Having made the decision to delete and block CSE from my Facebook list of friends was one of the best decisions I have ever made in a very long time. I have rocked back and forth with CSE so long and now I am not dealing with her anymore. I am going to continue praying for her but she is out of my life now and for good. I have had it with her. I am still mad at her and I am very mad at BW. I feel he needs to get a life and leave me alone. I still do not want a person like BW in my world whatsoever. I do know that he has lost his mother in December and his father had passed away last week but I do have to admit that he needs to get a life that does not include me at all. I do not have time for a man like BW at all. My mom and I had talked to one another around 630 pm last night and she told me that she remembered meeting BW years ago and thought he was rather strange then and understands that BW is more strange than he was years ago. I did not find that laughable but my mom told me the very truth. So many people BW and I both know has seen the strangeness in him be much worse than in was years ago. I wonder what mental illness he has or he is just a nutty man. No woman, can not stress that enough, should be left alone with him. I want him to leave my alone. I want my emotional world not rocking back and forth so much and it has been doing some rocking A LOT lately. I hate it when that happens, too. As for CSE… she is also strange but not as bad as BW – I think. Yet I do not want her in my life anymore either. She seems unsympathetic, she is a liar, and not the person I wish to really hang around with anymore. She has become a questionable person as far as I can see. My world and her world do not mix. I have always wondered what happened to CSE that has made her the person she is now. I hate the person she has become definitely…. She is out of my life for good as of today. She is another someone people should stay away from. She is a liar and she needs help emotionally, and that cat of hers needs a new home. She is ruling that cat’s life – why he is not behaving or taking to discipline is why the cat is how he is today. I feel sorry for the poor cat. He is not in a good home and many people see him abused verbally!!! Poor Ethan! CSE needs to get a life without me now as of today – no more visits from her. YAY!

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