Reality TV VS Othouer Programming

I love TV! The love for TV will never change but I will get involved in a good book, and visit with a friend here in my home as well. I do not give myself a whole lot of time away from the TV much but when I do, it is a great treat now and then. Still I love TV a lot. It is always on. With that said, I believe I watch more recorded TV programs on my cable DVR box more than watching Live TV. Watching Live TV is a big treat around here as well.

With as much TV watching I do – recorded TV programming, I have come, opinion only of course, to the finding that there are a lot of reality TV shows out there on several cable channels today. I have come across a few that I happen to like and will watch faithfully and record. Reality shows are growing and continue to do so. I watch 19 Kids & Counting, Ghost Hunters, The Little Couple, and more but I do have to admit that reality shows do not rule my life even though the TV is definitely on all the time in my home, lol. I should not be, though.


Reality Shows and TV programming happens in this home daily. I watch some reality shows. documentaries, crime drama, some comedy but not a comedy lover now-a-days/anymore, talk shows such as Anderson, Dr. Phil, movies, and other TV programming. I do watch the Disney Channel a lot and I watch Wizards of Waverly Place, Good Luck Charlie, and Jessie but not too much comedy for reasons I am the more serious type of gal.

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