I Almost Forgot!!!

I have to share this one last thought of this very day before retiring to bed for the night. I had a WONDERFUL day/afternoon out with other IDS clients/consumers at Fuji – a Japanese restaurant – food was delicious and tasty, and I had a GREAT time conversing with my “friends” who were around me and see LB, my former IDS worker I saw only on Tuesday mornings early before JP took over on Tuesdays and Fridays once I was able to get more help from another provider called Catholic Charities and TG became my caseworker there. I also was a “friend” away from JP. Who sat next to me was HY, BB, LB, JP, and who sat across from me was ME, L and her husband S (S’s last name not known), and who also sat the table were people I liked very much and love to see while I am out on the IDS outings. Anyway, after dinner and we were all getting ready to leave I had seen someone who I recognized from someplace but I was not totally sure so I asked one of the other caseworkers who this one person I thought I recognized. When the caseworker told me it was SG I knew I recognized her from someplace, lol. SG was two to three years behind me in high school and we officially met in college (Blackhawk Technical College). We talked for a few minutes before we all began to leave for home with our rides. Anyway…

I have not seen or talked to SG for a very long time. My JS knows her and her exp;erience with SG was not a good one or even pleasant that her relationship with SG was short and fizzled out almost immediately. I have had my feelings about SG myself and stopped communicating with her as well a few years ago myself. Seeing SG today was pleasant and good. She did ask about MEE and I told her that we will not hear from him anymore unless we run into him in public and I also told her that I no longer talk to him for personal reasons that can not be explained and she seemed to understand. After we chatted for a few minutes, everyone left with their rides and got home before 2 pm. Time is really unknown but when BB and I got back to the building there were tenants in the community room. BB and I departed from there – I to my apartment and BB into community room before heading upstairs herself after a minute or two.

Now it is time for me to head to bed.. “yawn” Good night!

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