Acting Strange??

I did see CSE last night for a while and I do have to admit that she acted strange and I did not like it whatsoever. She scared me so much this time that I have vowed to be careful with her for good and be careful asking her for help from now on starting today. With October leaving for another year after today, November 1st will begin my regimen without CSE in it as often as she has been in the past. She came down for a while after asking if she could and I told her that it was fine – sounded fine until she got down here anyway. She just acted so strange after getting down here and it had NOTHING to do with this very day being Halloween. Her mental world was crazy in her head and I saw it clear as day real well and I did not like it whatsoever. I was GLAD when she left at 9 pm and exited my place. We said our goodbyes tonight for the last time for a while once again. I am going to talk to NMS about CSE’s strangeness as soon as I can later this week. Now I understand what KB was talking about a few weeks back when CSE and I were in good standing and now we are not in good standing. CSE does need help BIG time for her problems. She was very strange tonight – scary and definitely frightening. She was a BIG help tonight, though, I have to admit, too.

More later…

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