Entry #1

I did not sleep in this morning. Yay! I was able to get up and going before 9 am today! Another yay! I began watching more recorded TV shows on my DVR box right away, took my medication, and began playing games on my IPod, reading my next Laura Ingalls Wilder book Little Town on the Prairie and of course, writing in my journals and diaries. I am going to be lazy this day but I am going to be defending for myself. No company today at all. KB is not going to be here anymore this weekend helping me with my shower. I am NOT going to be seeing CSE this weekend anymore either or at all this upcoming week. I will NOT be accepting any phone calls from CSE this week either or the rest of the weekend – today. This is going to be my day and no one is going to be in it except Bing Crosby the cat.

I have already finished watching the 2007 version of John Carpenter’s Halloween movie, watched two 1/2 hr episodes of The Flintstones, 48 Hours Mystery, and Dateline NBC, read, did some writing, and have been playing Pet Shop and Pet Hotel, and checked my email quickly. I am defending for myself today.

I am feeling better today. The antibiotic I have been taking and the last dose is Tuesday morning is taking care of the bug my UTI has this time, and I am feeling good down below once again. I do not feel so tired right now whereas I was tired from all the anxiety and the infection taking over my world for a while but I have my life back because I am in control once again. All is looking up again. Yay!!

More later…

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