434 pm

I have about 20 minutes or so before KB gets here. I have been here writing, watching a movie and now The Flinstones, and waiting for KB to arrive very patiently. I am so looking forward to my shower this evening! Until then I have had breakfast of saltine crackers, lunch of fish and spinach, and busy playing Pet Hotel and Pet Shop, and reading The Long Winter. I am having a VERY good day today. I cannot believe that I slept in late but I did need my sleep after such a rough, emotional week, and not feeling the greatest – darn monthly time too. Yuck!!! Anyway, I have not seen CSE at all and do not plan on seeing her at all this weekend unless she calls – lol, she can not call me – I do not need her here this weekend. I am taking time for me now and letting CSE have her own life for a while again. We get along okay but I am afraid that things will happen again and she seems not to care what time is for me. Her time and my time are two different things I guess. KB has been helpful this weekend. After tonight, I won’t have another shower until Monday morning then. I can live without one shower a week.

More later…

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