Good Night

I am heading to bed now. It is 10 pm and I am truly tired and ready to go bed. I believe the fresh air, getting colder because it is soon to be winter now, has really helped me get tired – like yesterday’s dealing with fresh air. I did not go grocery shopping today because by the time JP, my Tuesday and Friday IDS worker was able to see me for the day, it was way too close to the time I had to get ready for my day to go to my med check appointment, and I was having a little bit of trouble getting the energy I needed and wanted to get myself going this morning. With my UTI on the med and being a woman having my monthly right now is what has pretty much done it along with the fact that when I have anxiety sleep is very hard to find and it can be two nights without sleep before I crash big time like I did last night. I am not sure yet if I will see CSE at all this weekend in passing this weekend or not. We shall see. We do not have hatred toward one another and we are getting past the hurt – I think – okay. So here I am, with one final entry for the day and evening, here to say good night, God bless, and will be back sometime tomorrow. I have no major plans this weekend except relaxation, reading, watching TV, being online, and having my Saturday shower, and getting back into the swing of things on Monday morning at 8 am.

More later… Good bye for now but not forever.

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