My Day So Far….

I had awakened at 545 am this morning to Little Einstiens on Disney this morning, lol. I decided to get up and start my day when I got up to go to the bathroom. I will just go to bed early tonight again then. Began reading These Happy Golden Years of Laura Ingalls Wilder series, play Pet Hotel, and watch recorded TV programming. So far, with time going on 200 o’clock, I have watched 3 episodes of Charmed, watched an episode of The Flintstones, and now watching the 6 hr Halloween special of the Ghost Hunters I recorded on Oxtober 31st — 6 hrs worth it!! I love that show!! I do believe in hauntings big time even though I have experienced any hauntings personally in my lifetime yet. It is a good episode and I have watched 2hrs of 6 hrs so far — close to it anyway.

KB will be here at 730 pm tonight to help with my showering and dressing. I have no major plans this weekend except to read, write, play my Pocket Gem games on my IPod, and watch recorded and Live TV this weekend. CSE is not going to be here at all this weekend and if she does come over this weekend it won’t be until Sunday afternoon or evening to help me out. It really depends on how I feel and can handle her weirdness this tine around. I still wish she never cane back here to live at TM because she has caused some trouble with some tenants lately. I feel my love for her is fading more and more lately since we reconnected as friends. She does feel like a friend to me at all.

As for the rest of my day… not totally sure yet other than read, write, watch TV, play games, and snuggle with Bing Crosby the cat, and enjoy my company-free afternoon.

More later….

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