Good Morning & More – A LOT MORE! YAY!

Good morning. I have been up since 530 am this morning – awake at that hour after falling asleep in my recliner all night long -about 5 1/2 hrs of sleep only but wide awake at 530 am this morning. It is still a good morning at this time of the day – yet morning.

Going To Church Today

NMS called me before 8 am this morning to let me know that she will be leaving for church at 1015 am and if I wanted to go I was more than welcome to go along. I have not been to church for a very long time – several weeks – so today is going to be a big treat for me to see other fellow members of our church – I am a 7th Day Adventist today and always – eleven years now. I am looking forward to going today, too! I am going to have face to face contact with other family members of the church family and I am looking forward to it greatly this morning. Yay! I can not wait for the next two hours but patience is definitely a virtue these days whether we like it or not. I still can not wait, though. I am getting out of this building for a while and away from other tenant for once. Happy Sabbath to other Sabbath keepers and Adventists. Woo hoo!

My Weekend Plans Have Changed! Yay!

I did not expect the call from NMS this morning but it was a welcome surprise and something I cherish greatly. She called me to let me know that the pastor of the church was going to be at church this mornia ng and she knows I really like him and his wife very much so she made sure that was known by me. I am so happy that NMS called to invite me to church this morning! I am going and I am going to enjoy myself greatly with joy of seeing other people as well. I am getting out of my apartment and away from the building for about 5 hours or so. My Pet Hotel game will sit idle for a few hours but that is okay by me today of all days. I am looking forward to going to church this morning. Another YAY! Anyway, I had no major plans this weekend but this morning before 8 am, my plans changed – for the better – with enthusiasm and great joy in my heart. I love going to church when I can and able to physically and I have someone who can get me to church – I do not drive myself – no license and no wants to drive at all. I am going to be gone for a while. YAY! My plans have changed for the weekend. My caseworker MM wants me to have face to face contact with other people and this weekend is going to be the case and something she greatly encourages. I would rather stay home and go out on my own accord most of the time but this very day is going out on my own accord with encouragement from a friend – NMS is my Nellie Mom these days and has been since I moved into the building in 1998. She is a good person with physical and some emotional issues but that is okay. I stay away from NMS and CSE when they are emotionally strange and yes I have felt our friendships have been challenging for the past couple of years but do-able.

A Stranmoge Thought Came To Mind

Our TM apartment complex building has 6 efficiency apartments, 3 to 5 handicap accessible apartments, one onsite management apartment with two bedrooms, and the rest of the apartments are standard sized apartments. My apartment is one of the handicap accessible apartments – nice and comfortable for me. Before I moved from the 3rd floor to the 1st floor, I wanted in one of the 49 tenant standard sized apartments. I am glad to be on the 1st floor. I am much happier down here than I was on the 3rd floor the last 3 years of living in TM. Too much static and drama up there. I am not even sure if a tenant lives in 308 anymore or do I really care who or what lives there, lol. It is the neighbor who used my modem for free for so long before paying for the use of it and was looking at pornography in the community room and has been a major jerk and idiot to me ever since I put a password on my modem to prevent him from using my modem access to protect me from possible child porn if he was also looking at it. I have not seen or heard about this neighbor for four or five months now. Does he still live here? I do not care if he does or has moved out. He is a sick man anyway. Gross to be honest here. Anyway… I have lived here in TM for a very long time. A neighbor is right next door or down the hall and even a phone call away. At times, strangely enough, I feel I come and go from apartment to apartment at ease like going from hotel room to another. Sometimes it feels like living inside a hotel! Living here in TM takes courage and strength, and determination at times. In fact, TM has a so-called bad reputation – no thanks to tenants who have lived here – have told others not to move in here. We can really thank KM for that one because her big mouth has spread so many lies about this place to “outsiders” and I have heard it from a former tenant that this place is no place to live now-a-days! How sick and rude. When new tenants move in they can formulate their own darn opinion about this place and leave whenever their 1st year lease is over with and we have had a major turn around rate in this place for years. We have had former tenants leave this place and died, and since I have lived here. a few tenants have died in their apartment, and many tenants have come and gone. We have also had a turn around rate of managers as well. Since I have lived here, we have had five managers and a couple of them have left because they could not handle the tenants and their demands and problems, and that is not funny. I have even been deemed a troublemaker but a couple of managers but not anymore. I have been told that I am one of the most honest and good tenants in the building who has lost and found her way a few times around. Living here at TM has its perks and problems. I’d rather be in my own place and not communicate with the other tenants but I am friendly with a few. I do love my neighbors HC, BB, NMS, and my feelings toward CSE are on and off because she is so strange and odd now, and I really love CD very much, too. The manager and I get along well too.

Final Thought of the Morning

I have to get ready for church in a little while. Bing is napping behind me on the back of the recliner, I am catching up on a few recorded TV shows, and enjoying my morning before going to church with Bing. My mind is in a whirlwind right now but I am going to have to let it run amok for a while as I am at church. I cannot even sift through what is on my mind entirely right now because so much is in there, lol. I will be okay and after church and the rest of my weekend I intend on reading and writing, and watching more recorded TV programs. Right now I am watch a batch of Judge Judy episodes, and have already watched some Live TV. I have to get ready for church about 945 am this morning for once! Yay!

More later… Have a good morning and God bless.

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