One Final Entry of 11-06-11

Tonight’s Cooking Class

It was FUN! I had a GREAT evening. I was able to see a few other church members from our Janesville Seventh-day Adventist church and get recipes of vegetarian foods. Everything that I tried were VERY good!! I enjoyed myself and the 2 hrs that the cooking class was allotted for went by too fast but it was an AWWSOME night. As for the weather on this very day was WONDERFUL! I did a VERY SILLY thing this evening — left without my jacket — favorite cat jacket i got from KM before she moved. It was VERY comfortable – somewhat chilly but warm enough without a jacket. Oops! I should have grabbed my jacket though. I will next time I head outdoors. CSE was going to the cooking class but she did not make it on time so NMS and I pulled out without her – she was told to be on time and wasn’t so NMS left her behind. I left my cell phone at home tonight when I left to go to Beloit, Wisconsin and could not call CSE to see if she was home. NMS did what she said she was going to do and I was shocked and proud of her carrying through. I did not want CSE going with us anyway – I am piased at her. When NMS and I got back we went up to CSE’s apartment together and on our way there we heard her screaming and yelling at her cat that made us stop right in our darn tracks. Tenants have come to me telling me that CSE is overheard screaming and yelling at her cat Ethan. Now, hearing it for the 1st time tonight was frightening!! I was happy to be with NMS at CSE’s place for a while. She was not happy with CSE tonight at all. NMS is trying to teach CSE to be on time and courteous to others but failing to see results — CSE does not think of anyone but herself now-a-days. I don’t mean to have a mean bone in my body by being happy and glad CSE did not make it to the class with me and NMS but she needs to learn to be more thoughtful. I am not sure but I have expressed my feelings to NMS about how I feel about how CSE treats us both and how I feel the need to walk away from CSE all the time now. I even told NMS how CSE did not even remember us getting together Thursday night and that I did not call to remind her and won’t do that anymore. I believe NMS understood me. I can openly express my feelings to NMS without feeling I am saying something wrong as I talk. I love NMS for being patient with me lately. We are frustrated with CSE big time — talk I have learned growing up as a teenager. I don’t me to swear or use language that is souring to NMS’s ears at times but she knows and understands my frustration with CSE.

My Week Ahead at a Glance

I have no appointments this week. I have my showers Monday – Saturday at the regular time except for Tuesday at 9 am to to 1015 am, Wedneday at 1030 am to 1145 am, and on Thursday at 830 to 945 am. Monday, tomorrow is at 8 am to 915 with EE. On Novembet 15th DB will be back and my showers will resume from 8 am to 915 Tuesday through Thursdahbonce again and my showers will be back on track once again and my world will be on a regular routine AGAIN! That will be a great joy! JP will be here on Tuesday morning to help clean, do laundry, and prepare a meal for the week. I will not be going grocery shopping this week.

I had gotten home, played Pet Hotel and leveled up to Level 13 before midnight once more. Between 930 and 1130 pm I had dosed off and did hear JSL testing two forwards and a good night. She knows that I have fallen asleep if I do not text back right away but I do HATE missing her good night texts big time.

Time for bed again. Good night and God bless.

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