I Am Glad I Went To Church Today

I have to admit that I have not been to church for several weeks and by being able to go today was a big, awesome treat. The sermon our pastor did today was about K Kingdom Friends and how we can evangelize to others about God and Jesus without fail and knowing when there are bumps and cracks in our spreading God’s Word we can always pray diligently without ceasing – Did I say that right now? Pray without ceasing. I am not very happy with CSE right now but am praying for her mind and spirit to be calmed down from all the confusion she is facing right now in her world/life. I hope that one day she will come to know the truth once more and become gunhoe in God and Jesus once again and that her hardened heart is softened enough to be light and happy once again. NMS and I believe, unfortunately for CSE, that she has some anger issues and problems that have made her heart the way it is – unsympathetic and acting out in such a way that is scary and cruel-like. CSE has been cruel lately and her ways have been so strange and odd that others have commented and do not feel comfortable around CSE unless I am around. I can not be anywhere with her alone either because I do not feel comfortable around CSE anymore. Sad but true, and my heart does cry for the old CSE to be back – caring, sympathetic, and understanding – not right now, though. I am praying for CSE even though I am angry feeling of her right now. I still love CSE but it is a different kind of love right now – love and hate kind of thing. All of the members of the church were given books to begin our Kingdom Friends evangelism program. I put CSE in my book to pray for and to do things with in the future – not now. I hope NMS goes to the vegetarian cooking class at our Seventh-day Adventist Church in Beloit, Wisconsin, and I hope CSE plans to go as well. I will go if NMS goes and CSE does not go, I will still go. I had a good morning at church today and GLAD I went.

Afternoon Thoughts

KB will be here at 500 pm or shortly afterwards – coming from Roscoe, Illnois today – and then I will have my Saturday afternoon/evening shower! YAY! In the meantime I am waiting patiently for time to pass and watching 3ABN – 3 Angels Broadcasting Network – Seventh-day Adventist channel on our cable network – and enjoying the programs this afternoon. I had left behind my IPod when I went to church so I can concentrate on the activities that are going on, and I had a great morning and early afternoon. I was happy to get back home but also disappointed that the church day was over and NMS and I had to come back to our apartments. I am very serious!!! Bing and I have cuddled for a while when I got back while I am watching 3ABN and playing my Pet Hotel game.

With KB coming shortly now, I do have to admit that my mind is running amok with thought that I have to sort out yet but so far so good. I am watching Kids Time on 3ABN right now and enjoying the program very much. My favorite host of the show, Brenda Walsh is on this program. See, my mind is running amok and things are rolling in and out. I believe that my mind is running amok because I am very happy today – this weekend – and having a VERY good day today! I am still GLAD I went to church today. I will always go when NMS goes and the offer is there – like today.

More later after Sabbath is over. Good bye for now. God bless.

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  1. Yes, WW does have an online program, but you need to sign up and pay a monthly fee to get the e-tools, (which are fantastic in my opinion).

    If you can’t get to meetings for the time being it would be a good place to start…

    Good luck!

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