My Evening Thoughts

Winter is coming – I do not like winter – and I have to bear with it like everyone else. I am going to bare with it like every other year I have shared my winters with others. Anyway, my evening is now here and tomorrow will be here soon enough. It was a great day for me. Played Pet Hotel all day long and watched Law & Order: CI, read more of LIW’s These Happy Golden Years. NMS is borrowing the 1st two books of the series now and is reading the Little House in the Big Woods and Little House on the Prairie, and to be honest here, she is almost done with the first book already – in the two hours she started reading them but again she is not like me with other distractions like TV and games, and the internet. She rarely watches TV these days. I am so addicted to the Pocket Gems games for the IPod and IPhone that it is almost ridiculous these days. I am so addicted to the dang IPod and it does drive me crazy with all this new technology these days and yet I have it in the house, lol. I grow up in my teen years with technology booming and got sucked into the technology boom of the times – materialistic things. I do still feel that reading LIW’s stories about her growing up in the 1800s and mid 1900s has brought me to wanting to live in that time/era. I have wondered, seriously, how LIW lived with the technology boom in time/era. If she was aliove today, I believe we would be swapping stories of how the technology booms affected us both. I still believe I could live without a TV if I did not grow up with one all of my life, a computer or other technology of computer if they did not exist yet but I had gotten into technology when I was 12 years old and I was hooked. Understanding computer language at the age of 12 began my love for computers. It is almost scary now-a-days.

Bing has been a good boy most of the day. He got himself in a hint of trouble but spraying him with cold water helped hoim get out of his so-called funky state. He has been sleeping in his high spot most of the day above the food pantry … he is a climber! Oh well, lol.

I am getting tired and so I am going to say good night here now. Good night and God bless. I can blab more tomorrow, lol…

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