My Morning & Afternoon Before 3 PM

Ahhh, another 545 am wake up call to the bathroom and I decided to stay up and make it a day and start my day with watching recorded TV shows and a little bit of Live TV. I have listened to 3ABN – 3 Angels Broadcasting Network Channel 129 throughout the night and waking up to awesome sermons and talk shows over the night hours. Anyway, I am having another good day all day long – alone with no company. Bing had been a typical cat this morning being his naughty self and being such a stinker but has calmed down since and been napping on a kitchen table chair, lol. He reminded me that his naughtiness of a typical cat was well known by hitting me in the face with his tail, and shifting his body behind my head and pushing his body weight against my head and face and pushing his hind legs against my face shifting and snorting about, lol. He was being silly at points during his naughtiness time that I laughed during my trying to discipline him and it just did not work – he finally jumped down from the back of the recliner and moved to the floor to lay down before finally taking a catnap on the kitchen table chair under the table. I am still chuckling about it because Bing is rarely naughty these days. He does have his naughty streaks from time to time though. He is a good cat most of the time though. Today was one of those naughty streak days. I can not complain otherwise. Bing is a good cat most of the time and I will say it over and over again at times.

I played my Pet Hotel game along with Tap Zoo and Arctic Zoo. I realized I spelled Arctic Artic the other day several times during another entry a day or two ago and have corrected myself since. It is embarrassing that I spell words wrong because I am a very good speller otherwise. Anyway, with those games played, I also read more of my Little House on the Prairie series book titled These Happy Golden Years. I still feel that I am a part of LIW’s stories when reading her words – living in the time of the late 1800s – more and more as I continue reading her stories. I really like LIW’s books! She was a good writer and I am a big fan of hers even though she has been gone since 1957.

I am still gleaming on about being going to church yesterday. NMS and I, and hopefully CSE, will be going to church this afternoon and evening to a vegetarian cooking class at our Beloit church tonight. I am looking forward to it but not really wanting CSE to go as well. I am mad at her again for writing an email stating she will see me at 335 pm when NMS told her specifically to be down at 320 pm and not be late. I can not believe that she thinks it was 335 pm she was to be downstairs when NMS called me and specifically told me as well to be ready to go at 320 pm. I called NMS immediately and told her about CSE’s email stating she would be downstairs here at 335 pm. NMS said she would call CSE and remind her again to be ready and downstairs and not be late at 320 pm. I have this feeling something is not going to go right once more and it is going to be falling on CSE rather quickly. I am sick and tired of CSE’s lateness and putting things off to the last minute that causes her to be rather late to visit down here. I have not seen her since Wednesday and seeing her tonight will be a little odd for me. I have come to really hate the person CSE has become since we have net in 1998 – have regretted meeting CSE then too – lately. She has really scared me on Wednesday with her attitude. She even forgot to come down Thursday for our Charlie’s Angels night. I am done reminding the little blind bitch from now on. I did not remind her about Thursday night with a call whatsoever. I put a stop to reminding CSE from that day forward. I hate her – really hate her even though I am still praying for her – no change will happen with her because she DENIES she is ill!!!! I HATE HER! SHE IS A BITCH NO MATTER WHAT OTHERS THINK OF HER AS WELL. I WON’T TELL ANYONE I THINK CSE IS A BITCH BECAUSE OTHERS WILL FIND OUT FOR THEMSELVES THAT SHE IS STRANGE/ODD, AND ACTS DUMB LATELY! WHAT A BITCH SHE HAS BECOME. YES I AM PISSED AT HER AGAIN!!!
Anyway, I am going to have a good night tonight with NMS – with or without CSE. I still wish she would not come, though. I am embarrassed to be seen with CSE now-a-days. I won’t ask her to go anywhere with me anymore. I can’t. It is embarrassing to me.

Venting Time Done

Please forgive me for venting my anger and embarrassment about CSE lately. She has really pissed me off and driving me crazy with her acting the way she does. I am embarrassed to be seen with her because she acts all is fine when things are not at all fine between us or around her – not at home that is – and she is a totally different person with others. I cannot stand her being so darn fake and she is fake – her name, her life, and her world. Nothing real about it – lives in this fantasy world that her family has disowned her because of her being so strange and odd. She has been heard yelling at her cat all the time and her yelling at her cat the way she does has made him totally undisciplined – can not discipline such a bully cat. Yes, her cat Ethan is a bully cat – bullied Bing to the point he will not be allowed down here anymore because of it – wild as he has become because CSE cannot discipline the wild demon cat. It took her four darn months to find the perfect name for Ethan and I call him the Devil Cat from Hell. He won’t take discipline because CSE yells at him all the time. CSE has really royally pissed me off lately and I know I have vented about her a very long time. I wish the little blind bitch would leave this place and never return. I do not like her anymore. She is an embarrassment to me – KB finds her frightening to the point that she does not want her here while she is here anymore and I have to have a comfortable shower gal on Fridays and Saturdays. She embarrassed me on Wednesday, too. AARRGG!

I have an hour and 20 minutes before I go to Beloit tonight. YAY! I have to run for now. Good bye for now but not forever. More later……

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