One Final Entry of the Day/Night

I have got my shower and dressed in my weekend house dress, feeling clean. I have my packages that came yesterday unpacked – was my disposable underwear and blues along with pads that are used for my time of the month — maxi pads/liners for my underwear. Yes. I have leakage issues now-a-days unfortunately. I used to be embarassec about it but not anymore. KB was here from 730 pm to 845 pm tonight and tomorrow she will be here at 5 pm to 615 pm or so after she gets back from Roscoe, Illinois — she picked up a new client to work with through Rescare. Since KB left I have been playing Pet Hotel and watched two episodes of Swift Justice With Jackie Glass, Wizards of Wavely Place, A.N.T Farm, and Grimm. I like the show Grimm berry much – a new series!! I am doing my best at catching up with my recorded showa but I am falling way behind as usually once again – a month or so behind unfortunately!! Oops!! Oh well it happens. Bed is not too soon tonight but I did take medicine to help me relax tonight. This is now the weekend — sun is gone for the night.

I am going to not say good night tonight. I will be up late tonight. I will fall asleep when I do tonight. I have a lot on my mind tonight. I am thinking of doing a lot of writing tomorrow for sure. Doing a lot of writing tonight. I want to level up on Pet Hotel before midnight tonight for sure – tonight.

More later …

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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