Good Morning!!

Woke a little before 6 am this morning. Good morning!! EE will be here at 8 am this morning to help with my shower. I had a GREAT time last night that I had fallen asleep between 930 a 1130 pm, awaken at 1130 pm for a while and fallen back to sleep between 2 and 3 am awakening again at 4 am to take a bathroom break and falling asleep again until a few minutes before 6 am. I am going to take a cat nap today and catch up on the sleep I lost. Last night’s cooking class I have learned some more about the need to have 7 to 8 hrs of rest. The program that was discussed is titled:

Trust in the Divine — Trust in God

= NEWSTART …. a very catchy title and something I really need to START right away, too. I need to lose 100 pounds anyway. I am NOT happy with my weight or my body at all. I am feeling kind of gross about my body. The only part of me that is thin are my fingers – small and thin they are…AARRGG!

More later….

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