Waiting Patiently

I wish I had more patience for CSE but I do not have patience for her at all anymore. Anyway, EE will be here in half an hour now and inam looking forward to my shower but waiting patiently this fine Monday morning. I am reading These Happy Golden Years, and playing my IPod games Pet Hotel, Tap and Arctic Zoo, and Pet Shop. They are all Pocket Gem games and I am addicted to them, lol. I was able to level up to Level 12 the night before before 12 midnight and was able to get to Level 13 last night before 12 midnight once again. I hope I can level up to Level 14 tonight or tomorrow night before midnight again. We will wait and see. I am hoping to take a fee minutes to go to the fruit stand this afternoon. May walk with walker to the fruit stand across the street from our building in order to get sone exercise and fresh air as it seems to help me sleep – sunlight too. I have not had any skin cancer issues yet like my parents – mom and dad both – yet – yay!
As I sit here and type out my entry for the whole world to see for those who have a diary here at Dear Diary like me I have learned that I can use certain symbols to write words like:

Fiance√®… I have had this IPod for 4 years now, lol.

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