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I do have to admit that I was able to sleep in this morning – 730 and did not wake up to the early morning news today. Slept okay I believe – more so than I thought. All is good at the moment. RK will be here at 1030 this morning for my shower help, and then the rest of the day is ALL mine and I will go from 1145 am alone and I have had breakfast before 8 am today. It is another rainy day today so that blows my plans of going to anywhere in my power chair – was going to go to fruit stand across the street today or later this week but won’t now because there is hardly anything there at close to the stand closing for the rest of the wintry season. Bing is being a good boy right now – napping .and lazying about above the food pantry. Me… I am waiting patiently for RK to come to help with my shower and then I am going to play my IPod games and read the First Four Years of LIW series and probably will have the entire book read by tomorrow evening before bed since there are ONLY 5 chapters in the book – then to read Farmer Boy is my plan. The First Four Years are as follows:

Introduction = very good

Prologue = seting for the story and the 1st 4 years of Laura’s, Almanzo Wilder’s and their daughter Rose’s lives

The First Year

The Second Year

The Third Year

The Forth Year

The Year of Grace — Anyway…

I have found a great pleasure reading about Laura Ingalls Wilder and her family – Charles, Caroline, Mary, Laura, Carrie, Grace, and Caroline did have a baby boy named Charles Fredrick and they called him Freddie but he did not lived but a few months and died before he was year old – come to find out doing research that all the girls in the family – not Mary Ingalls – had baby boys who did not live long. LIW’s books pave the road to the real life of LIW. I am going to be disappointed the stories have all been read when the Farmer Boy is read and I move on to Chronicles of Narnia series.

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