Another Early Morning But Okay…

It’s okay but it is definitely another early day once again. Oh well. Getting up at 5 or 6 am is not all that bad really but getting annoying. I don’t remember when the last time I slept an eight hour night but I really cannot complain now since I do sleep before 11 pm most nights now. I am blaming the addiction I have of these Pocket Gems Games I have and the reading of LIW series. NMS was here a couple of times and asked to borrow a book to read that was LIW series. She read the first – Little House in the Big Woods – and now had Little House on the Prairie. I remember NMS coming down to get the first book and coming back 2 hrs later and borrowing the 2nd book! She reads fast whereas I have sweet distractions such TV, a book to read, Bing Noel Crosby the cat, my IPod and computers, the Internet and Dear Diary, and my chaotic world of life – calmer now – a little anyway. I have my TV remote on the floor behind my recliner where it’s going to remain until my shower gal gets here so I am listening and watching the early morning news on CBS once again this morning – my news of the day now since I get up early every morning now and for the past week or so – 2 weeks maybe but not totally sure at the moment actually. I rarely watch the news in the evening or at 5 pm because I am busy watching my recorded TV programs at that hour or watching Live TV and whatever. I am enjoying the LIW series very much and have read 24 chapters of These Happy Golden Years now. I believe I will have the book read by Thursday or Friday for sure. Then I will read The First Four Years and then The Farmer Boy and have the series read. I am so happy that NMS is reading the series now too. NMS and I have talked a couple of times about her younger days and what she has done as a child that LIW has done on her time. I love hearing NMS’s stories just as much as I did hearing of my grandma My’s stories as a child. I am even enjoying the news this morning. Oh oh, lol.

It is Tuesday morning now and today I have my shower at 9 am to 1015 with RK. This is, hopefully, her last week as my shower gal substitute — DB should be back next Tuesday at 8 am. Not sure yet but DB says so – hoping in the long run as l do miss her very much. Indeed I so do miss her. DB wants to return very much so but can’t til next week unfortunately.

I want to go for now so I will be back later. JP will be here at 8 am to help clean and do laundry, RK will be here at 9 am this morning, and the rest of the day is all mine and Bing’s. More later… Good bye for now. God bless!! Later…

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