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What Can I Say About Right Now???

I really cannot say a whole lot right now, lol. I have had my shower at 1030 am this morning, got in comfies since I am NOT going anywhere today whatsoever – snowing this afternoon today. YUCK and BEAUTIFUL at the same time is my thinking process. My friend JSL said that snow is a swear word in her book, lol, the other day – yesterday I believe actually. Anyway, today, right now, I am playing Cafe World on Facebook, and I have turned the TV off for the time being so I can read, play my IPod games, throughout the rest of my Wednesday. I do not think, as long as the 5 chapters are in LIW’s The First Four Years, I will be able to finish reading the book today but will by Friday for sure or even tomorrow night but not totally sure on that one just yet. I really wanted to go for a spin outdoors today in my power chair to get some fresh air and for something to do. Tomorrow I will be busy in the morning and afternoon and getting fresh air, my flu shot, and a few groceries, and I am going to be looking for a blender tomorrow at Wal-Mart so I can make smoothies with my favorite fruits such as bananas, pineapple, and other favorite fruits. Sounds delicious to me from Sunday night’s vegetarian cooking class at 4 to 6 pm that evening that my NMS who I call my LLM (Loveable Loving Mom), and NMS is my surrogate mom I became friends with in 1998 along with CSE. I still regret becoming friends with CSE the second time around when she moved back into the building in January of this year 2011. She is friends with her ex-husband and that is all good but I do not find it appropriate that he comes around here unannounced until the last minute when he calls her to tell her he is a moment or two away. He has buzzed my buzzer a couple of times looking for CSe and I do not like that at all whatsoever because he does not call first or make appointments to see CSE and she drops me like a hot potato the minute he comes – hurting my feelings and not caring about my feelings or thoughts – unsympathetic. I just wish she never moved in here – upsetting many of the neighbors with her behavior and attitude and not caring what other people think. My world right now is not nunhappy – just mixed feelings today. CSE has become a woman of mystery because neither NMS or I can understand her anymore. I have not spoken to CSE since NMS and I saw her for a few minutes Sunday evening after we got back from the cooking class and I am not planning on calling her at all this week or allowing any calls from her to come through whatsoever. I am still feeling hurt and frustrated with CSE yet and my emotions are mixed up that I will blow my top if I see her. I believe, though and unfortunately, that CSE does not live in the real world anymore. She is so gunhoe and determined to look up relatives and write about her family’s heritage/history. She did ask, while I was leaving her place with NMS Sunday evening if she could jump on line from her apartment using my modem’s password. I told her yes but I personally wish she would get her own damn modem now instead of spending money on crap for that damn cat of hers all the time. I do not buy toys for Bing Crosby the cat because he does not play with toys because Bing would rather cuddle and snuggle and give his love through kisses, love bites, and love chews more so than anything in the world. Bing is so hard to buy toys for anyway. He gets his food, water, and Iams treats everyday or close to everyday. Right now he is napping in his favorite high spot above the food pantry cupboard – gets on the counters to get on the refidgerator and then the cupboard to get up in his favorite high spot. In the winter he loves being up there because heat rises in this place so quickly. I do not have my heat on yet this fall soon to be winter here. I rarely use my heat here since I get it from next door and the apartments above me very well. Living on the 3rd floor for 11 years was very tough because of heat rises in this place fast and tenants turn on their heat so darn high. I am so happy to be on the 1st floor now and yet I get a lot of heat from other apartments but not like I did when I was on the 3rd floor. I know it sounds rather silly but that is the way things go around here most of the time.

More later… It is 230 pm now and I am playing Cafe World, my IPod games and reading at the same time – TV is not on right now. Have my recorded TV shows going on right now anyway and will watch TV later this evening – watch the news tonight since I did not have my morning news on today when I had awakened at 730 am.

LOL… leaked too much. I have to go change my underwear AGAIN! The happenstance of my life these days – leaking bladder.

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