Living the LIW Days

I feel I am definitely living the days of Laura Ingalls Wilder these days and glad to be living them through her words. I am going to be saddened a little when I am finally done reading the books but my LLM/NMS is now reading the Banks of Plum Creek book – having read Little House in the Big Woods and Little House on the Prairie and now The Banks of Plum Creek. I am so happy to see my surrogate mom enjoying a book now.

Oh my word!! It is 315 pm! Time has gone by very very quickly since my shower and RK left. I have no plans on going anywhere today so I am sitting here enjoying my afternoon here at home wondering how far NMS has gotten in the Banks of Plum Creek by now. I have decided, after watching 2 to 3 episodes of recorded TV shows, I would turn off the TV and do some reading, writing, and playing my IPod games in the quietness of the day instead of the TV being on and I am barely watching it now. I got that idea from NMS yesterday afternoon when she read the 1st 2 books by LIW – she loves to read just as much as I do? It sounds like it. I got the love to read thing from my mom growing up as a child and/or I just have always enjoyed the time of reading as a young girl. I even remember taking the time to read books while visiting with my grandparents – Clarence & Myra Fox – my mom’s parents – during our excursions at the cottage where there was never any TV. Even though the books were “old” and some before my time, I still read the books at my leisure when I got older to understand, and always I took a book from home for Grandma and Grandpa to read to me as I was growing up before I would go to bed for the night in such a wonderful world of trees and quietness as the Whipperwill would sing its nightly song to us before midnight. We even fed the racoons their nightly supper of table scraps when it was safe and okay to do so before those poor animals got sick and were dying off. I feel, now thinking about it, I was living somewhat like how LIW lived while in the horse and buggy days of living on the prairies of old. I do wonder, though, how LIW liked the 1st plane, car, when the TV’s came put in the 1950s when she was still alive until 1957 and was 90 years old. I am actually enjoying the peaceful and quietness of the TV not being on 24/7 but I do wonder how long I can keep this up – whereas when I am visiting in NM or in AR, I rarely watch TV there as well because I am playing on my computer all the time – writing and on Facebook all the time – seriously. I never win a battle as such like the TV. Anyway, two years ago was my 1st time reading the Harry Potter series and was bound determined to get the series last year – the 1st three books in Novevmber and the last 4 books in December with my Christmas gift of money. Now, this year, for my birthday, I got the entire series of LIW’s Little House on the Prairie set – having a couple a former neighbor gave me to have and keep,

More later… It is now 4 pm and I want to continue reading and playing games on my IPod. Gotta run. Good bye for now. Later…

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