Good Moening & the Past Couple of Days

Good Morning!!!

I am early once again but that has been my pattern lately – early to bed early to rise. I am getting used to it now and don’t mind it much anymore. All is good here and there.


The Past Couple of Days

Saturday & Sunday

I decided to take a coouple of days from DD and come back today. Saturday I went to church in Beloit, Wisconsin with my NMS and we came back home right after potluck because her back was hurting her and she wanted to go home and rest. I had my shower at 5 pm to 615 pm with KB and then the rest of the weekend was all mine. I did not have anymore company over the weekend but did talk to my mom for a few minutes Sunday evening – she just got home from being put of town with her husband and a couple of friends of theirs. We did not talk long this weekend — I was busy watching Harry Potter and they were busy getting ready to watch a movie and mom was doing laundry while her husband was doing his usual playing on the computer, lol. I even talked to my Aunt J who lives up north of here in Gays Mills. My weekend was very good and fair.


I had my morning shower, saw my friends JSL and her husband for a few minutes before ge had to mow the lawn and JSL left because she was not feeling good and did not want to get me sick. She went to the library to use the computers there — passing her ickies to strangers, lol. I found that kind of strange because now other people are exposed to her ickies – sinus issues now – but glad she did not stay here too long. It was nice seeing JSL though. They brought me a piece of red velvet cake to eat. I love that cake!!! I will have to eat it today – Tuesday… Yummy!!!

I talked to MM and made plans for the 21st and I realized that next Monfay will be a LONG day for me from 1030 am to 3 pm – appointments and will be gone all morning and most of the afternoon. Ugh! I will have a lot of fresh air that day, had I can’t complain about that. I will have to take a couple of pairs of disposable underwear with me that day for sure. Yes, I wear disposable underwear now-a-days. I leak.

Today, Monday…

I have no major plans today but this morning laundry and some cleaning will be done, my shower resumes at 8 am to 915 am. DB is back to work now. Yay!!!! I cannot wait to see her again. This week my showers are back on track from 8 am to 915 Monday – Thursday and Fruday at 730 to 845 pm and Saturday 5 pm to 615 pm… Yay!!!

More later after my morning shower.

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