My Day Before 730 PM

730 pm is soon here …. My day has been a good one. I went to Pick N Save this morning because JP and I did not have time to go to Wal-Mart this week/today. JP had another client to take care of at 1030 am had that was fine. I gave Pick N Save a chance today and believe me when I say I gave Pick N Save a chance — expensive! I prefer Wal-Mart over all the grocery shopping centers we have today — Woodmans and Pick N Save, and Wal-Mart Superstore …. I would love to shop at Woodmans but they only accept debit cards with a pin number and not cards that are credit! I believe that the Woodman family is rich enough to be able to afford some extra costs such as the use of credit cards! AARRGG!!!!

After grocery shopping, came home and began watching some recorded TV programs on my DVR cable box for the rest of my day and talked to NMS on the phone for a while after 10 am when I got back and JP left for the weekend.

More later…

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