Now and Later

Earlier I ended up talking to my mom’s husband about Amazon Prime and that he set me up as a gift from him and Mom yesterday. I could not have asked for more to be very honest with you. Anyway, we ended up chattering about 45 minutes this afternoon about computer stuff and Kindles, IPads, Android phones, and the internet. You see, my mom’s husband is the very man who got me involved with computers after my 8th grade year when I was introduced to my very first computer keyboard – Apple it was. I was 13 years old when I was introduced to my first computer and loved computers ever since and have had a Commodore 64C from age 17 – age 24 before getting my first DOS operating system – a computer that I do not miss. I love Apple!

I have nothing much today really. I have watched Channel 967 for awhile today and now watching Rizzoli & Isles – a recorded program from Monday night on TNT. I have no plans tonight and plan on taking it easy. I have yet to begin writing my book I have been itching to write for the past two weeks now – yet to begin! Bing is laying on the futon watching the world outdoors on this partly sunny afternoon so I have time to have the laptop on my lap at the moment. Today is not a very bad day.

More later….

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