A New Day, A New Month, and My World At the Moment

A New Day

It’s a new day. A fresh start is what I need to do. I can be a sour puss if I want but that is not on my agenda today or any day. When I don’t feel right then I stay away from people and stick close to home where I feel most comfortable. I am not a sour puss today, though. Today is Thursday and I have no plans today except for my 8 am shower with help from DB. A new day has begun at 530 am this morning. I am an early bird this morning once again.

A New Month

I can’t believe we are in our last month of the year already. It’s December 1st today and that means Christmas Day is 24 days away now. Before we know it, in this household, it will be 2012! YIKES! Anyway today is yet a new day that deserves my attention now.

My World At the Moment

It’s 636 am and I am watching an episode of Law & Order: CI right now with Bing sleeping on my lap. I can’t have my laptop on my lap while Bing is on my lap so I am using the next best ‘computer’ I have — IPod. I love it when Bing lays on my lap in the morning as he keeps me warm and comfortable when I first get up and somewhat ready for my day. I don’t get going — really — until I have my 8 am shower Monday through Thursday, and then Friday and Saturday showers don’t count. I love my weekend evening showers with help from KB.

More later

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