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Honestly, having a voice about commercials, I believe that some commercials need to be taken off and other forms of advertisement is done. Three topics I have difficulty talking about, due to the great diversity of the three topics, are religion, sex, and politics. I watch a religion channel that is called 3ABN. I read the Bible and share verses I find worthwhile to friends and family, and express my thoughts about what I learn about the Bible with a select few – family and other Christian friends. I do not get too involved with politics but have an understanding of what is going on in this world when it comes to our nation and I am forever grateful of our soldiers in America fighting for our freedoms and rights, and what is necessary to keep this nation going, but listening to politics on a day to day basis can be depressing. Sex, on the other hand, seems gross and no one’s business but those who have sex. A commercial about a product called Pos T Vac is something I feel needs to advertised elsewhere and not the TV. Kids watch TV during the day and they need not see such commercials like how a man can have good sex erection with his partner/mate. Ewwww, gr oss, and something that does not need to be on during the day. Even Jerry Springer is aired after 10 pm here when children should be sleeping because of the content he has on his shows. I do not watch many talk shows anymore other than Anderson Cooper and Dr. Phil but I have not watched some episodes because of content as well. I am speaking openly about it now because I find my voice needs to be heard – my opinion of course is only from one person.

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