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It is going on 5 pm now and I do a few minutes before KB gets here to help me with my evening shower and I thought I would say good evening before I get going for my shower. I spent the afternoon – since my first entry here today – watching spiritual programs and The Flinstones on TV before sundown – reading 6 chapters of the 1st book of the Bible – Genesis – recounting the days God created the earth and heavenly skies, animals, and the first couple Adam and Eve. I even read about the 1st murder on earth – Cain killing his brother out of jealousy of the sacrificial gifts to God – animals versus delicious fruits and vegetables. The 1st sin was when Satan – Lucifer – was cast out of heaven with his believers – followers – along with him. Ever since Cain murdered Abel, murder became a major problem on earth. My heart goes out to the murdered victims of today – something I can not even swallow without getting sick to my already soured stomach – a bug I hope is gone by tomorrow – leaving me a tad bit nervous and thinking I ate something I should not done so but enjoyed eating – food of fries and creamed spinach – delicious.

Well… I need to head off here but I will come back sometime after my shower and supper. KB will be here shortly. A new neighbor is moving in today and her helpers are back making some noise moving in her things. It is not easy to concentrate on things right now so I need to head off for now. Good bye for now and God bless. Later…

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