Sunday At Home Today

I am home today … did not go to church … but wanted to but my muscles are so relaxed and I am tired because of the fact I took my morning and afternoon muscle relaxants today. Yesterday my muscles ached and contracted a lot making it difficult to relax without some medical assistance but today does seem a lot better physically. Just really relaxed right now and wanting to take a nap but will not succumb to a nap today or any day. Today I am home watching TV, reading, writing, and playing games on my IPod and on Facebook all day. I have no company coming today – next shower is tomorrow morning through Thursday morning — another week has begun today and this week I do not have to go anywhere this week except to the grocery store if I need to this coming Friday. I am looking forward to a relaxing week and I plan, if possible, on beginning to write my story, and if the tenant makes too much moving in noise, I will go into the community room or out in the lobby by the mail room to work on some stuff on my computer if needed. I am too relaxed right now to go anywhere – having some bathroom issues today anyway – but I do want to say hello to the new neighbor/tenant but I am going to hold off on that for now and not meet the tenant until I see her in the public areas of the building. I do not need any new friends – I have one best friend I can vent to, my shower gals, and my co-workers, and that is ALL I need. Today is just an ordinary day for me and nothing going on. Not bored either. Good bye for now – maybe for the rest of the day since today is not … going to be any different from any other Sunday this weekend. My weekend is almost over – looking forward to the week a little bit.

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