Good Night

I have to sY good night and God bless now because I can’t keep my eyes open anymore today. On fact I am dozing in and out while watching TV tonight. Bing is comfortable on my lap now as well and I am jerking and feeling my muscles contracting because they are so jittery for some reason but I will be okay if I can get muscles to relax a little — AARRGG! I will be okay though. Tomorrow is another day.


Good night and God bless. I will be back tomorrow morning – early afternoon – to write more about my day and life of Kristi — Ksmley, my world!!!!

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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  1. Camomille says:

    Glad you are relaxing! I hope the noise goes away soon too. I’ll add that as something I am thankful for, this particular apartment that I find myself living in only has neighbors on one side, and that is the landlord who is rarely there. I remember those days of being on the lower level. 🙂



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