A New Day, A New Week, and Some Thoughts Going On In My Head

A new day has begun – Monday

A new work week has begun for most people – not me as I am temporarily laid off for then the winter holidays

I have some thoughts raging in my head right now that are just screaming and yelling at me to come out and be shared but it is late so I am not going to share everything tonight – before retiring for the night. Anyway…

Today was a very good day. I had my Monday morning shower at 8 am with EE’s help. The shower was warm but only enough to get cleaned up and have my hair washed for the day – complained a little because the shower water was not very hot this morning for some reason, read, watched recorded TV programming, rented Harry Potter and the Deathly Halllows 7.2 again on Charter on Demand, and just took it easy with Bing visiting my lap several times today. The weather was cold out so I did not go anywhere today – did get dressed for the day because I did not know if I was going to be expecting any packages from UPS today or not and most of the drivers for that company I have seen are male drivers. The new neighbor/tenant who is moving into the apartment on the 2nd floor right above me did not make too much noise moving in today which was nice and comforting. I did hear the tenant’s dog barking and he sounds big and strong but he is only a Shih Tsu… =)

I am so glad, outside my Friday morning grocery shopping excursion at Wal-Mart, I do not have to go anywhere this week whereas I have to go to counseling that afternoon and have a meeting here at 9 am Tuesday morning. Tomorrow I have my shower at 8 am, my cleaning and laundry, and a nurse coming to review my shower care after 60 days. Thank goodness I do not have any major plans this week! I am still planning on writing a story but yet I have not started writing my story/book. =) I am NOT going to promise I will begin writing my book tomorrow either, lol…

Time to say good night and God bless.

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