Good Morning & Some Thoughts

Good Morning

Good morning!

Some Thoughts

I was going to come and write some thoughts down yesterday but I ended up retiring early – between 630 – 800 pm because I just could no longer keep my eyes open anymore at that time. I had company in the morning – 3 people here all at once – my shower gal, the nurse of the company I get my showers from, and JP my DSP from IDS here. It was a little frustrating and nerving but I survived it with a little apprehension in my world. By 8 pm or so, I could not hold my eyes open anymore and went right to bed… sleeping well most of the night after waking up a couple of times with Bing being a typical cat – rarely naughty but was somewhat naughty last night and e got mad at me for disciplining him – tail going back and forth so fast and furiously. He calmed down eventually and came to lay beside me with kisses and hugs, and he was forgiven.

Ahhh, Wednesday

Wednesday has arrived. Not much going on in my world today at all. DB had arrived to help me with my shower at 8 am this morning. Decided not to go anywhere today so I am in comfies today and Bing is resting behind me on the recliner. I am watching Mission: Impossible on my DVR box this morning to catch up on my recorded shows on METV. I have decided not to watch anymore soaps on my TV so I deleted the recordings and stopped the shows from being recorded. I can not stay caught up, but next year, in January, I will begin watching my soaps again – Days of Our Lives and Bold & the Beautiful. The neighbor upstairs above me is still moving in and making sure things are in order for the neighbor. I knocked on her door yesterday morning and did not get an answer so I have not chanced it since. I am going to wait for a week or so and try again and meet the new neighbor. Right now the noise has calmed down since but I do have to admit that I will be very happy that the noise is hardly there at all after she is moved in entirely. I hear her dog once in a while and it is nice to hear something up there once again after the last tenant moved out. For Wednesday, so far, this morning before 12 noon, is going okay.

More later…

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