My Saturday Here At Home This Afternoon

Good afternoon! I did not go to church today so I am here at home this afternoon watching 3ABN (3 Angels Broadcasting Network) on our city’s cable networking system. It is rainy and yucky outdoor and chilly – high 40s here in good ol’ Wisconsin. Rain and snow in the forecast today – snow? It is that time of year now that it is December in Wisconsin. I do not like snow much even though it is beautiful at times of the year when it falls. KB, my shower gal will be here around 5 pm this afternoon when the sun begins to set and it becomes dark for the night. I really love my showers on the weekends because having evening showers on the weekends is a treat for me after having four days of morning showers. I personally wish I had showers in the mornings and nights six days a week but that is not possible with the company I am getting help and care from – rescare. I love Rescare. They really care about their clients. I have 3 wonderful shower ladies. EE, DB, and KB. They are nice gals! DB and KB are close to my age – I am older. EE is 60 years old and the motherly type of gal. Love all 3 gals, too!


Today is kind of lazy for me. LOL… What’s new about that really? Another LOL… I am having a good afternoon. Bing and I snuggled and cuddled a couple of times now today and he has been purring very loud with joy that I have him on my lap and holding him and giving him my undivided attention. A tenant is moving in – in the apartment above me on the 2nd floor – so I seen a moving truck outside my window at the back door, hearing voices in the lobby of the building, and noise from the apartment above me as people are moving in stuff from one place to another. The noise is bearable but constant when the moving truck is here. Bing is a little nerved with the noise but he is doing okay otherwise. We can not wait until the tenant is all moved in and done making noise. I wonder if she knows if the walls are so thin here that noise carries… We shall wait and see what she knows and does not know about this place.

More later…

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