I Didn’t Forget

I did not forget to come here yesterday – decided to take another day off – a break from Dear Diary but today I am back. I have been, taking the break, playing with my new but refurbished cell phone, all day yesterday. I got my very first Motorola Atrix 4G from AT&T. I have been online on my new phone and Dear Diary is one of the places I cannot go to right now so I will have to come online on my laptop and write whenever I need to, want to, and share my world with my friends until I figure my cell phone out more. This is my very first smart phone and I can say that waiting for a smart phone to be affordable for me – saving for it – was worth it. It cost me only 1 cent when I talked to someone at AT&T and I ordered my new but refurbished Motorola Atrix 4G last Sunday, December 4th, and I know no one can pass up a deal like that – I didn’t, lol. The phone works well for the fact that it is a “used” phone – in good shape. So I have been playing with my phone all day yesterday. Now I am waiting for a friend to text me to let me know what time we are supposed to get together for lunch. I hope she won’t forget! I love my new cell phone. I am moving up in the world of technology – slowly but surely – and now I have the same cell phone as my parents who live in New Mexico. So if anyone sees me MIA they will know why, lol.

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